Willy Wonka golden distribute invitations in action Cielo

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A famous movie icon The Chocolate Factory is the inspiration for the latest Cielo brand activation action, which rewards the public with tickets to the exhibition "The World of Tim Burton" held at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in São Paulo.


The company has created a themed basket movie with the presence of the character Willy Wonka distributing chocolates at the mall City São Paulo, at Av. Paulista, from 12am to 20pm.


Those who find the "Golden Invitation" in chocolates will win a pair of tickets to the show.


The action has a partnership with Hershey's began on Tuesday (29), and also takes place on 03, 10 and 13 April at the same time and place.


To participate, the public should look for the character Willy Wonka in the mall entrance and post a picture on social networks with #PassaNaCielo and #CieloTimBurton hashtags to make chocolate, which can contain the winning invitation.


Cielo is master sponsor and presents the exhibition Tim Burton in Brazil.


The Aktuellmix is the agency responsible for creating the activation and cross the partnership between Cielo and Hershey brands.


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Juliana Vanessa