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Case Study: Nike and the 2012 Olympics

Olympics 2012 and among its major sponsors, NIKE is not. Who is occupying this place is Adidas, one of its major competitors. Even with this seemingly unfavorable situation due to the impact of the Olympics around the globe, Nike saw an opportunity, which could initially be considered a threat to its market.


Taking advantage of the pace of the Olympics not to leave the world focus, launched the campaign "Find your Greatness" in English means "Find Your Greatness", which shows amateur athletes and encourages them to seek greatness, because it is not privilege of a few, but something that belongs to all who try to find it. Click the link to see the video: Nike - Find your greatness.



This campaign, initially was considered by some media as anti-Olympics, however, was a beautiful balcony of Nike was not satisfied with the situation that was imposed on him (the competitor's sponsor), seeking and creating opportunities for through creativity, a new way of looking at a situation to turn it into something productive and innovative, taking advantage of the hook of the Olympics, although not its sponsor.


Nike has always shown resilience and excellence in marketing and advertising, because a few years ago to be involved in a scandal to take advantage of labor, child labor and yet have managed to clean up its image by launching campaigns to improve, innovate and update your brand, strengthening the increasingly market and immortalizing the minds of your consumers. Without a doubt, you must have the savvy and proactive professionals who have prompt response to any situation. No wonder its slogan "Just do it" in English, "Just do it".


Therefore, does not conform to the situation, even if it is negative, it can be reversed and always used for, always positively, with a new look, with attitude and proactivity. Regardless of whether large, medium or small business, create your opportunities and go against your goals and objectives as "greatness is in all those trying to find it."


Case study

Juliana Vanessa