5 Lessons Marketing Strategy Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola has been part of popular culture for over 100 years.


Their marketing and communication activities have a great sense of purpose and are connected with the audience so that makes the brand surpass its competitors.



Missions of Coca-Cola:


- Refresh the world.


- To inspire moments of optimism and joy.


- Make the difference.



Recently, they noticed that their marketing strategy that worked for them for decades, needed to evolve, transforming "Excellence in Creativity" in "Contents Excellent".


The Excellence in Creativity has always been at the heart of the area of advertising for Coca-Cola and they decided that the content is the key to the twenty-first century marketing, social media.


The mission of Coca-Cola is not just sell your product, but also to create a positive impression, to change the world for the better.


Lesson 1: Create "liquid content".


The purpose of great content is to create ideas so contagious that can not be controlled. This is called Liquid Content.




Lesson 2: Make sure your content is connected.


The next part of the equation is whether the creation of their ideas is relevant to:


- The company's goals.


- The market needs.


- The brand.




This content "connected" is the company's goals and brand.


Make sure that the content communicates your message and that is consistent with its mission and values.




Lesson 3: Have talks


Coca-Cola realized that their customers create more stories and ideas than themselves. So your goal is to bring about talks "Action" and "Reaction" for 365 days a year.


The new Technology Distribution Twitter, Youtube and Facebook generate greater connectivity and consumption never seen before.


Not only publish your material, but to interact with their audience.




Lesson 4: Pass the dynamics of "Storytelling"


Traditional in the past, the technique of storytelling was static and a one-way street. Television and newspapers screamed with the public without means of interaction.


Coca-Cola realized that to grow their digital business way needed to be one step ahead of the dynamism of storytelling.


This means that you need to allow the evolution of the stories as you interact and talk with their customers and consumers. You need to keep that contact with them in various formats and social media.


Storytelling was a static and synchronized manner, and became something multifaceted, dynamic and interactive.




Lesson 5: Have courage and creativity by creating


Part of the new Coca-Cola content strategy is applied on 70/20/10 investments to create the "Net Contents".


- 70% of your content should have a low risk. This pays the bills, the bread and butter of marketing (this should be easy and take only 50% of their time).


- 20% of the creation of the content must be innovative.


- 10% of their marketing content are high-risk ideas, but tomorrow they can become your 70% or 20 %% ... If you prepare to fail.




30 seconds on TV is not much:


Coca-Cola became a conclusion that the world is not content with over 30 seconds on TV. Then the brand "Old Spice" and many other companies embraced social media as part of their marketing strategy.


We need to learn how to fuel the talks, act and interact has never been so important.


Ideas consumers, creativity and conversations released an evolution in social media, increased the visibility of brands in marketeer branch.





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