Sports marketing what is it?

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The Sports Marketing is a tool used to communicate with customers, prospects, employees and community. It has sport as a means of contact with the target and, therefore, is directly linked to emotion, passion.


This is the great advantage in relation to other communication tools. Used accurately, the Sports Marketing adds strength to the brand or company through the symbolism with the values of sport, such as resilience, teamwork and leadership, also inherent to success in corporate life and the characteristics of each corporation. Thus, technology companies seek to join the motorsport and companies whose products are luxury, sports like tennis and golf, for example.


Sports marketing has the advantage, the fact that impact a consumer relaxed amid the program and not in between. Thus, the company that makes use of this communication strategy is perceived, not as an advertiser but rather as a partner, which allows that the championships or sponsored teams can succeed and continuity. More than that, there is still much greater loyalty to companies that owns this. For example, in NASCAR, American motorsport category, there is a 72% loyalty to sponsors. Ie 72% of the category fans take to buy a product from a sponsor over to a non-sponsor.


In addition to being a form of healthy communication, involves feelings of unsurpassed grandeur that only sport can offer. Adrenaline, joy, achievement, vibration and emotion are some of the elements that make the activity a mix of adventure and power.

We can not forget the role of idols, which in this case, are the true spokesmen of the market with their messages translated in the form of sports talent.


Events such as the Olympics, World Cup and Superbowl, which attract billions of viewers around the world, are good examples of how the sport emerges as an excellent way, differentiated, to achieve marketing objectives proposed by the companies. Sport produces entertainment, produces passion. But it is an industry and should be administered as a business.


Sports marketing

Juliana Vanessa