What do marketers?

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For you to be a marketer you need, above all, have an analytical mind.

Metrics and numbers will be part of their profession and it is essential that you are familiar with them.

The marketer is responsible for detecting and evaluating new business opportunities.

It is their task to develop a plan and strategy to attract and delight consumers, spreading the message and the product of a brand.

It should always measure the impact and results of their actions (why it is so important to have an analytical mind), and be creative and innovative to search for new solutions for actions for your company.

It is also part of the marketer to understand the background your target audience - just knowing exactly who he is selling his language and campaigns can be tailored to that audience.

It is essential that curiosity is part of your profile - a good marketer is always looking for new global trends and keeping up with the world of media and communication.

So mastery of English and other foreign languages is so important: it needs to look for references, studies and new ideas and do so only in their mother tongue can be extremely limiting.

Domain various tools is also a great advantage of a quality marketer.

Understanding SEO, Adwords, social networks and be a Google Analytics master makes this professional better understand your goals and what to do to achieve them.

There is no perfect formula for a marketing professional. The important thing is to focus the eye on the goals, determination and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Bonus: the best blogs, books and movies for you to learn more about marketing


We know that after so much theory, can be a little difficult to assimilate all we talk here about marketing. And we believe that the practice, combined with the theory, it is a magic formula for success.

So here we list blogs, books and movies for you to learn much more about the subject in a practical and objective way.

The 6 best national blogs about marketing

World Marketing

The World Marketing is a comprehensive portal that analyzes the marketing market in Brazil. There you can find articles and lots of information for all professionals interested in Marketing.

results Digital

If you are looking for real results with digital marketing, the blog of Digital results is required reading. The posts are direct and instructive and will greatly help you build an effective digital marketing strategy.

Idea Marketing

Articles about design, advertising, communication, branding and more. The Marketing Idea talks about various topics in the world of communication and marketing.

Exit Place

essential blog about entrepreneurship without stalling. The Place Exit is the site for you who wish to undertake and better understand business.

Live Blog

Blog Henrique Carvalho, where you'll find tips to leverage your own blog. Henry is a reference in digital marketing.

brainstorm 9

Brainstorm 9 talks about creativity and inspiration in several areas: business, social media, advertising, communication. A full plate for any marketer.

The 5 best gringos blogs about marketing


The Marketo's blog is one of the most complete of the market, with posts about social media, marketing automation, content marketing and email marketing.


The Kiss Metrics is focused on metrics for marketing. Remember we talked about the importance of an analytical mind?

Seth Godin

Seth Godin was founder of one of the first digital marketing company, Yoyodyne, which was bought by Yahoo in 1998. It is one of the gurus of the current marketing.


HubSpot is one of the largest companies in the world and Inbound Marketing your blog is a full plate for anyone who wants to learn about it.


website news and trends, essential to keep up with what is happening in the market.



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