The Evolution of Marketing

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During all these centuries of change and marketing developments was made in numerous different ways.

Take a different form, with another approach and very different characteristics from each other, but always with the same goal: to make a consumer to interact with your brand and become a customer.

Thinking about it we list some of the ways that have existed and still exist to do marketing, but before that show two classifications that separate marketing: Marketing Outbound and Inbound Marketing

outbound Marketing

Its main objective is to attract the consumer incisively. Telemarketing, direct mail, spam e-mails, magazine ads, billboards, pop-ups on websites and remarketing.

All these ways to make marketing aims to show your brand and products above all. Although effective, this approach tends to be tiring for the consumer.

Given that it can come across some ads at the most inopportune times.

inbound Marketing

Techniques developed in order to nurture a relationship with consumers.

Despite having the same intention of sales on Inbound Marketing your brand is crafted differently.

Instead of advertising their products and prices, marketers teach the market, gain authority and then yes, consumers in the purchase process help.

And even after selling the work is not finished.

Customers continue to be educated and "spoiled" for them to become evangelists for your brand. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about inbound marketing in this post. Or download the most complete ebook about Inbound Marketing!

Despite this huge difference between the two modes, the Outbound existed since the beginning of the earliest time of Marketing.

Meanwhile, the most friendly and healthy aspect, Inbound Marketing is practiced for a few years but was recently the concept has taken hold thanks to Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, concept creators and founders of Hubspot.

Some types of Marketing


Now that you know the division that separates all kinds of Marketing, meet some of the leading models that are already existed and still practiced in the world.

Direct Marketing: Using precise information of the target audience as name, phone, address, interests, among others, are created direct messages to that consumer. contact channels used are: emails, calls, messages and direct mail.

Indirect Marketing: A more subtle way to convey your brand or company in times that consumers are not waiting. Typically used for movies, novels, plays and any other times that we do not face a proper announcement.

Social Marketing: Companies who support and sponsor major cultural events such as concerts, movies and any other social causes. This type of marketing creates a positive image of the brand to the population.

Internal Marketing: This is a marketing strategy focused on internal actions in companies. That's right, instead of focusing on the external, internal marketing actions aims to promote and involve company employees in an organization.

Viral Marketing: This mode has the main feature has a low cost or budget, but that generates a high impact. Unconventional ways to perform marketing activities are used.

Digital Marketing: One of the most current aspects of marketing that has as its main operation channel digital. For more information about this concept, please visit this post.

Content Marketing: Marketing model has gained tremendous importance in recent years. After realizing the need and importance of generating content that is able to educate their customers, companies have adopted this tactic of Inbound Marketing.

Personal Marketing: In this type of marketing, we can define it as a set of strategies, applied in a coherent and planned manner that will cause you to assign a higher value to your personal image

Relationship Marketing: Relationship marketing is nothing more that all actions taken by the company as a way to create and maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

Other: In addition to these types still exist cite a multitude of other types of marketing that arise all the time. The market and consumers are always changing and this is one of the main reasons that create the need for new marketing models.



Juliana Vanessa