Tips to select target audience

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Reaching your audience

You can send an email to your current list of customers asking some questions. Write a very personal email and if possible offer a bonus for people who respond to his questionnaire.


Caution: do not be too wordy!


Do not make more than 2 or 3 early questions. Remember, you can get more information later. I will put an example of a survey that I did and that helped me to launch the Facebook Pro Training:


Hi, this is Ramon,


It is a pleasure to speak with you again. I am about to launch a new online training, but before I ask which issues are most interesting to you. If possible put 2 or 3 issues in order of importance, so I can launch a training that can meet your needs. I shall be most grateful for your participation. Hugs, Ramon Tessmann




This was the email. Simple and objective. I received almost 200 responses and found that 70% of people who followed me had deep interest in learning more about Facebook Marketing. What did I do? I started posting more about Facebook Marketing on my blog and in my social networks.


What was the result? The engagement has increased and I started to have more sales. A simple search with my públicoa target became my most relevant content for those who followed me.


Remember that you do not need to have thousands of emails to do this research. You can do this research with 20 or 30 people. However, these people have to be customers or potential customers. No use to ask friends and family.


Do not be tempted to do research on any person to appear before him. You must choose people who are relevant to your product / service. So you can learn more about the target audience and improve your marketing message and your call.


I have created several content and some products based on feedback from people in social networks, specifically Facebook. You have no idea how people open their lives on Facebook ... well, maybe.


You just need to stop by the fanpages competing or relevant groups and you will see people exposing their dreams, desires, fears and pains.


When I wanted to launch a productivity course I asked some questions to my audience, I took a look at what people talked about the theme and ready: there I was with the target audience defined, along with his greatest wishes (which would become lessons in the future).


That's right: I try to give people what they want or need, and not what I want to push down our throats. If you own a business, it serves solely to address the target audience of the problem. This is the vision I have about entrepreneurship.


Not everyone knows but you can create search forms easily through Google Drive. Everything is very easy and intuitive, you can organize the answers of your target audience to analyze later. access:




Click "create" and then "form". Then just follow the step by step. You will get a link that may be disclosed anywhere.


People will click on this link and can answer your search. Your data will be recorded in a Google Drive document. I've done a lot of research so and recommend. The tool is free and easy to operate.

You can install a poll on your site. Believe me, people actively participate in any poll you put on your site. There are several ways of doing this and I'm sure you (or maybe your webmaster) can do this installation easily.


Another tip is to write a blog post or an article on your website and ask people to leave comments. That is, this will be a disguised search. You write an article with interesting content about what you intend to get information and ask people to leave their comments below the post giving the opinion.


I will give a very basic example, let's assume that you are the owner of an ice cream parlor:


We found that in Germany there is an ice cream shop that is open 24 hours a day. And open every day of the year! They do not close any day. This is very intriguing because we know there are times when customers do not usually eat ice cream. Although intriguing find the interesting idea, but we do not know if that would work with our ice cream parlor. What do you think? If we leave our ice cream shop always open you think there would always be clients or not?


It is a simple example to an ice cream shop know what the audience thinks about an important issue. What is more interesting is that people do not simply give your opinion on the central topic of the post, but begin to give tips on other issues such as ice cream flavors, service, ideas, among others.


If you ask people to give their opinions, they often provide more information than you expect.


 In addition to Google Drive, you can use tools like Google Trends and Adwords Tools (now called planner keywords) to identify and search trends.


You can quickly get important data on your target audience as searched keywords, competition, preferences searches, seasonality, trends and more.


Target Audience

Juliana Vanessa