What's target audience?

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Audience ... a topic of high importance for any business, but often relegated to the background. In this article I will talk about how you can discover or refine your target audience using some easy and free tools.


I will reveal to you how do I define the target audience of each of my products and thus make more effective and powerful marketing.

I know that many go through problems like this. They are paralyzed because they have no idea how to raise sensitive information about your customers or potential customers.


It is here's a word of encouragement: I myself have experienced it. I confronted face to face that fear and paralysis at the time to address my audience. Indeed, the first step can be challenging. But you need to make a decision to deeply know your audience or can not engagement and conversion in the future. You can not be successful in your marketing campaigns ... and probably you will spend more money than necessary and not get satisfactory results.


To help you in this endeavor I want to give some tips for you to gather information about your audience without being inconvenient, intrusive or annoying. It is very important to be smart in this part not to be a nuisance and get to collect more information about your target audience.

One of the first things to do is you define what information you want to raise. Use the questions to the audience and build your own spreadsheet of questions. What do you want to know your audience? Age, sex? Dreams, projects, desires? You want to know how much he earns? Want to know what the maximum amount he would pay for a product? Want to know more about their hobbies?


Before starting to set information and place a document everything you want to raise. Look that targeting interesting questions for you to make your target audience:


What is the biggest fear or nightmare? Be as specific as possible.

Why bother with this fear? What it will cause?

What else could go wrong if that happens?

What is the desired solution? The fantasy that the customer has in mind?

Why does he want that to happen?

What other things would happen if it did?

What would be the "nightmare" scenario? What situation the target audience would be terrified that he would do anything, even irrational, to avoid? Describe the words of the audience, in great detail.

What is the scenario of the "miracle"? What fantasy would cause the audience to do everything to achieve? Describe in detail the words of the target audience.



He saw that interesting? This is one example path for you to follow. There are several others. Questions like this will help you separate your rest of the audience of humanity :-)


"Do not try to communicate with everyone. Try to communicate in a way that attracts the target audience and move people who do not matter. The content should be hostile to those who do not. Get away from everyone who is not your target audience. " (Eben Pagan)


Target Audience

Juliana Vanessa