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The political and electoral marketing is an island of controversies surrounded by hype everywhere. For many people, it is considered an omnipotent device, which nullifies the political factors and reduces to almost nothing the voter's personality; who votes is always imagined as an absolutely fragile and helpless. At the other end of exaggeration, Marketing is considered neutral scientific technique, gravitating around an absolutely fickle voter and all-powerful. The reality is in the middle of these two positions. The electoral Marketing introduces a portion of rationality in the management of political and electoral processes. This is a technique with real possibilities and with many limitations - it can a lot of things and can not so many.

Marketing does not contradict or supersede in any way the political essence of the process-election. It also has the power to impose the individual nothing queele reject. Lazarsfeld defines Electoral Marketing as a "mechanism of activation of latent tendencies" and uses two interesting analogies. One is the picture: when we reveal a movie, the image appears only because it was already there at the time the photo. Marketing also reveals that pre-exists. Another analogy is the child who puts a role on a coin and then Tracing.

The coin design appear because the pre-exists structure. Regardless of our opinion on the Marketing, the contemporary political process is marked by its presence.

Another mistake to avoid is the idea of omnipotence. We must dispel this idea completely. Marketing is not a technical manipulation. It is, rather, an art adjustments. We are, strictly speaking, consent of Engineers, as said Ed. Bernays. I can clarify this concept with an expression that summarizes my "in absentia of predisposition, no manipulation prevails." The discussion of manipulation is widespread but in reality, we work upon predispositions. That's what marketing does.

In Marketing, where the product prevails, it is said that "the primacy of the product". By analogy, in the election rule is the candidate. Remember that the candidate when it comes to the arena, already bears the intrinsic conditions of victory and defeat. No marketing is able to artificially build candidates without capacity building ing. It is the candidate and his policy that predefine, in a sense, the fate of his campaign.


Electoral marketing

Juliana Vanessa