What is electoral marketing?

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One of the most important events of contemporary politics can be considered, paradoxically, a non-political event: the advent of electoral marketing.


In fact, marketing is a concept that is "out of politics". Its origin and nature consult each up with the market and the modern economy - its natural habitat.


It is on the market - and the market - that the industrialized societies and twentieth-century consumer - so called "mass" - create the Marketing as ad hoc technique to manage their new macrodimensionadas realities. Production and consumption, metropolises and media - all in them is large and complex and requires new forms degestão scale.


The mass electorates in these societies - by imperative analogy - will require the same instrument to be operationalized.


This is how the marketing is associated with the policy to meet a historical and social need. The call, not by meddling.




Should distinguish between political marketing, which is a controversial expression, and electoral marketing. We admit that the political marketing expression may raise some discussions. electoral marketing, no: the term is accurate. It applies fully to the election, and that's what we saw talking here: the application of marketing techniques to election.


Most of the questions around the subject are the result of ignorance of the electoral process and the differences that separate the political process. Confusing and mix these two processes does not help to understand them.


The manipulation of which so much accuses Marketing consists precisely in influencing the will of the other through techniques he know. But if the other such known techniques, there is no further manipulation to be at least complicity. Disclose the marketing techniques applied to the electoral process is therefore a democratic act, because it provides an understanding of these techniques depersuasão, which is to reduce or neutralize their effects.


From this, it is more important to discuss the election of the policy. Understanding why voters vote, we will understand better why we voted ourselves. Knowing, therefore, why vote in this or that candidate, maybe we get in the future, vote best.


Electoral marketing

Juliana Vanessa