3 content marketing tips for e-commerce

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How many of your purchasing processes begin with an online search? That is the reality of virtually all Internet users currently and directly affects your e-commerce. Therefore, it is important to create ways to be found by the network and become relevant. And the best tools for this are quality content and relevant to your audience, with blogs, social networks and digital presence.

Want to start a content marketing strategy for your online store and do not know how? Check out these tips to start with the right foot:

Planning is always the first step

You planned a lot to have your site, right? If you ever thought about the best ways to advertise their products or services, we already have a good start; but if you do not have it ready, your chance is now. Try to better understand what can be done reading specialized blogs on the subject and studying the market: keep up to date and new ideas is always positive.

Create your blog, open a calendar and schedule to post on social networks (need not be a daily commitment, you can use their own posts programming tools or platforms that group multiple networks). Prepare images and try to create diverse content, which leads us to the next topic.

Know your audience

Go beyond your own product or service and create an environment that is interesting to your audience. Do not speak only of what you sell, if your store is decorative items, make posts on the organization and seeks to be a reference in all that can please your visitors. It is important to keep the synergy. Posts to your blog will not ads, but can quietly suggest your products as solutions in some situations.

Understand also what are the networks most used by customers: services and visual products can be a success on Pinterest and Snapchat, while show the day to day work and uses and video content can generate great references tutorials and reviews. Think about what is most interesting to be in evidence and weigh how it is delivered.

Create quality content

Always keep in mind the importance of maintaining clear communication and with the right treatment to your audience: to be the best and the closest to him, but without losing quality! Make good photos, videos and posts. Spelling correct, warmth in relationships and partnerships with companies and people who share values with you are essentials to begin any project.

Search references within your market, but do not copy! Take for ideas of what can be interesting and apply to your reality. In Google times no copies will be secret, not a fraud.

These are suggestions that may seem simple, but they are very practical and can illuminate the production of its first content marketing plan. Have any other tips to start with quality and tranquility the production of materials that draw the attention of your audience?



Juliana Vanessa